Welcome to my little design blog!

I thought it could be nice to have a place to write about design and possibly share the knowledge with others!

Sometimes learning something can feel very ephemeral. I might have a free block of time to do some studying or training, but then life gets busy and I don’t always end up with anything concrete to show for it.

For me, explaining something in writing shows me how much I have absorbed about a subject. I think taking more time to reflect on the things I do and learn about will help to cement them into my mind.

Hopefully this is where that will happen!

Who am I, then?

You probably already know this, but if not, it’s your friendly neighbourhood Aisling. Senior UX and Product Designer, mobile app Interaction Designer, lover of pink, iced coffee aficionado, Canadian.

If you still don’t know, I’m not sure how you found this blog!